About us


Short Stack is owned by Healani and Tanya who started this company in 2015. Short Stack started off as a children's brand where these moms decided to create fun and original Hawai'i lifestyle clothing for their kids. Over a few years, the brand eventually produced adult size clothing that has now grown into inspirational and aloha based apparel for the entire family. 

Short Stack produces 80% of their products in-house and outsources their remaining goods to local and international businesses which they have built one-of-a-kind relationships with. They are all about making connections with all kinds of people around the world. ALL their goods come through their shop and is packaged and appreciated with a lot of ALOHA energy.


ALOHA! We are Healani and Tanya, the mom's behind the SHORT STACK HAWAI'I brand. We've been long time friends before we brought this brand to life and because this brand, we have gained FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIP forever. This brand is so important to us, mainly because it brings out a side of us when we're together that we love so much. And we have learned through the years that what we create here, CONNECTS and it connects in ways that we could never find anywhere else. 

We bring the aloha energy into our daily life when we wear our goods. And with that, we have been able to share this energy with the people from around the world, who have love for our culture and the island that we call home. 

You can see and feel the love we have for our products the minute you get your hands on them. We hope you feel our Aloha no matter where you are in the world or in your life. We appreciate you for being here with us in this moment. We will forever be grateful to this community and won't ever forget these days. These are the GOOD old days.  Mahalo. mahalo, mahalo.


Love Always,

Healani & Tanya